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We both knew there was a high price to pay and I think Patrick took care of me during that journey as much as I did for him. It was seven to eight months after he was diagnosed that he shot ‘The Beast’ and he was working 14 to 16 hours a day, five days a week and getting chemo on the weekends. Patrick was a pretty tough guy but I had no idea how tough he could be.

FOX411: Did you two ever argue after he was diagnosed?

At Niemi’s birthday party about a year and a half ago, Niemi was introduced to De Prisco by mutual friends and the two began dating.

People has exclusively reported that De Prisco popped the question to Niemi on Christmas Eve.

That made for a very, very special journey between the both of us because right from the get go we were in it together. Niemi: The actual life expectancy after diagnosis is three to six months.

FOX411: You have harsh words to say about the tabloid coverage of your husband's illness.

Niemi: We did our best not to let it influence our lives, but when there’s a headline saying he’s dying and there’s a picture of his father’s and sister’s grave and an arrow pointing to where he’s going to be buried... You know what they say is true, the grief part will get more manageable and it has.

Amazingly, Swayze battled on for 21 months, and even managed to shoot a season of the television series, ‘The Beast.’ before finally succumbing to the disease in September 2009 at the age of 57.

His journey is lovingly and honestly portrayed by his widow Lisa Niemi in her book ‘Worth Fighting For Love, Loss, and Moving Forward.’ In it, Swayze's wife of 34 years writes about her caregiver role, all the medical procedures and those awful final days.

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